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ISST Webinar Committee: Enhancing Professional Development and Diversity in Schema Therapy

What is the ISST Webinar Committee?

The ISST Webinar Committee is an integral part of the International Society of Schema Therapy, responsible for organizing regular professional development webinars for its members. The webinars feature expert ISST members who specialize in various areas of schema therapy application (from clinical practice to sports and forensic context), providing valuable educational resources for current and aspiring schema therapists. 

Establishment and History:

The ISST Webinar Committee was established in 2018 by Chris Hayes, an esteemed member from Australia. Chris serves as the Director of Schema Therapy Training Australia and is a former Secretary to the ISST board. His vision and dedication laid the foundation for this committee's mission to promote knowledge sharing and continued education within the schema therapy community.

Committee Goals and Mission:

The Webinar Committee's main goal is to benefit ISST members by providing high quality professional development opportunities. Over time, the goals expanded to include fostering diversity within the society and highlighting international developments in schema therapy. The committee aims to introduce new trends, invite speakers from different countries, and engage members with diverse perspectives.

Current Status and Aspirations:

The ISST Webinar Committee, as of 2023, is led by Maria Sokolova. The committee aims to increase the number of webinars from 4 to 6 per year, covering specific and unconventional topics such as Sport Psychology or Programs for mental healthcare teams. 

Selected Noteworthy Webinars:

One of the most popular webinars to date was led by Jeffrey Young on Case Conceptualization, attracting over 300 participants.

Also noteworthy is the most recent one “Better the devil you know…: Schema Therapy with forensic issues, clients, and contexts” by Dr. Lars Madsen.

Throughout recent years many schema therapy luminaries presented for the ISST community, among them Remco van der Wijngaard, Joan Farrell, Jeff Conway, Eckhard Roediger and others.

Frequently Asked Questions on webinars and ISST Webinar Committee:

  • Q: Are the webinars free of charge?

A: All the webinars are free of charge to all ISST current members. Not an ISST member yet? Join here 

  • Q: How often are the webinars conducted?

A: Webinars are conducted at least once per quarter. Preparation process  involves selecting engaging topics, contacting presenters, and coordinating with support teams. Feedback from participants is collected through surveys to continuously improve the webinar experience. 

  • Q: I would like to watch past webinars. Are they still available?

A: All webinars are recorded and stored HERE and are available for active ISST members for free.

  • Q: I would like to be notified about the future webinars. How do I do that?

A: Please fill out the Google form  to be included in the ISST Webinar Committee mailing list and informed about future events. Please also subscribe and like ISST pages on social media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

  • Q: My English is not good enough to watch webinars. Is there any solution? 

A:  The ISST Webinar Committee is actively working to introduce subtitles to the webinars. Special software will aid in providing translations, and volunteers from different countries will be involved in the process to ensure accurate translations. 

  • Q: I would like to get involved in proposing topics for the future webinars, sharing ideas on my local schema-therapy community’s needs and/or volunteering with other committee activities. How do I do that?

A; Please reach out to the committee chair Maria Sokolova. Also, stay tuned to listserv emails with recruiting information.  

  • Q: When is the date and topic/speaker for the next webinar?

A: The next webinar is scheduled for September, featuring Satu Kaski,  from Finland. She will share insights on using Schema Therapy in the field of sport psychology.

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