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2022 ISST Online General Membership Assembly

Opening Welcome

by Jeff Conway, ISST President

I am pleased to open this General Membership Assembly (GMA) which takes place online to allow all eligible ISST Members to participate.  This Assembly is an important opportunity for the ISST to take stock of its activities over the past two years and to look forward to the challenges of the future.

One important purpose of the GMA is for the outgoing Executive Board members to present a summary of their activities during the current term of office.  This includes presenting for approval financial reports for the period since it took office in late 2020, and budgetary plans for the future.

In addition, members are asked to approve some proposed appointments.

A further purpose of the GMA is to allow ISST members to interact with respect to the various proposals and reports from the Executive Board, propose items for the agenda and to comment on and make suggestions about the ISST’s directions in the future.

Between September 13th to October 4th all eligible Full Members will be able to comment on and contribute to discussions relevant to the functioning of the ISST on the blog page.  They will also be able to review all relevant documents which are being posted on the GMA information page as they are received and many of which you should already have received by email.  

From October 11th to October 25th eligible Full Members of the ISST will be able to record their votes on each of the items on which the Board is asking your approval.  You will receive detailed instructions on how to go about this nearer the time.

The provisional agenda for the meeting is available on the GMA 2022 information page at GMA 2022.  It will be updated as information about specific items becomes available.

A finalized agenda will be sent to you on or before October 11th when voting starts and will also be published online on the GMA 2022 information page. We strongly encourage all eligible Full Members to participate in shaping the future of ISST, especially since, per ISST statutes, a minimum number of votes are needed to validate results.

Please note that the Call for Nominations for Executive Board positions for the next term takes place from October 12th to October 27th. More information regarding Executive Board elections will be available soon.


Full Members: 

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