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Requirements for Online Certification Training for Approved Training Programs

Approved by the Executive Board 10th August 2021

  • Approved Training programs no longer need to notify ISST Training Coordinator of intended online training.
  • Where possible, training programs are encouraged to offer a mix of face to face and online training.
  • Hybrid forms of training can be offered, for example didactic elements can be offered online and the dyadic elements can be delivered face to face.
  • Another hybrid version is if Trainers cannot travel due to covid, health etc, you can provide the training online, live and the “hosts of this training” can run the dyadic elements and facilitate role plays. These “hosts” must be Advanced ST’s.
  • All online training must involve break out rooms where trainers can guide and coach participants in the dyadic work.
  • Trainers must ensure that people who sign up to training have the adequate qualifications to do the training, through and online screening/registration process (i.e., are therapists qualified to practice).
  • No didactic or dyadic material can be pre-recorded except for demonstrations on how to do various ST interventions.
  • Training leaders must inform all the requirements for participants to agree to before the start of the training (i.e., to be on time for all presentations, to stay focused on the training with no multi-tasking, to have a technically sufficient device for the tasks of online training.)
  • All training offered must adhere to ISST expectations around collecting feedback for participant experience of training.
  • This policy is effective January 2022

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