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Fine Tuning Imagery Re-Scripting 

by Chris Hayes & Remco van der Wijngaart


The workshop is aimed at developing skills in imagery re-scripting within a schema therapy and childhood trauma context. Participants will learn skills in improving re-scripting and managing commonly experienced difficulties in imagery work. Furthermore, attendees will also develop skills in strengthening client's healthy adult via imagery work. The workshop will utilize newly developed imagery re-scripting video teaching resources, and allow time for attendees for practice skills.


Have you delayed doing imagery because of your own anxieties about your practice? Have you had clients say - "I can remember my childhood" or "I can't do imagery"? Are you looking for novel ways to increase your skills and capacity to increase corrective emotional experiences in clients? Imagery Re-scripting is a key aspect of schema therapy and a powerful experiential tool. Furthermore, research over the last 4 years has focused how imagery work can be utilized as a standalone treatment for childhood trauma. This workshop will focus specifically on how therapists can become more skilled in developing strong corrective emotional experiences that result in significant emotional cognitive and behavioural change. The workshop will include demonstrations of: 

a) imagery re-scripting of childhood trauma 

b) managing detachment and avoidance in imagery

c) imagery to strengthen healthy adult 

The workshop will utilize newly developed video teaching resources that focus specifically on imagery re-scripting work. Time will alss be spend to allow participants to role play imagery receipting skills.

Learning Objectives: 

1. Assisting attendees to further develop skills to enhance the imagery re-scripting process; 

2. Developing skills to harness the strength of the healthy adult via imagery;

3. Assisting in developing therapists' own attunement to clients, leading to better imagery linking; 

4. Assisting therapists in developing methods and strategies to bypass emotional avoidance;

5. Ways to manage emotional flooding in clients; 

6. Assist in developing self compassion in clients.

The workshop is intended for: Beginners and Advanced

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