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Responsibilities of the President of the ISST Board

Responsibilities include: 


  • Overseeing all functional, legal, ethical and administrative aspects of the ISST Executive Board (EB) and members of the International Society of Schema Therapy, in accordance with the statutes of the ISST
  • Executing proposals approved by the EB
  • Maintaining a dialogue and exchanging ideas with board and sub-committee members
  • Keeping the members of the ISST apprised of news and happenings within the EB and the society
  • Inviting and encouraging participation, networking, and collaboration among the society’s members
  • Monitoring board and sub-committee activities
  • Delegating tasks and responsibilities
  • Exercising judgments, communicating, networking, strategizing, collaborating, and actualizing decision-making outcomes in all of the following areas:
- Enhancing exposure in other countries where ST is not so visible
Meeting the needs of disadvantaged and third-world populations

Networking with Academic, Industry, and Professional Groups

Writing – Publishing

Maintaining Experience via Training and Supervision

Facilitating dialogues among members

Integrating new concepts

Addressing and Confronting difficult issues and conflicts among members

Fielding conflicts and questions, and directing them to the appropriate branches of the ISST

Active participation in the monthly board meetings, the Conference, and leading the membership assembly meeting

Keeping apprised of all rules and regulations governed by the ISST statutes

Offering transparency and an “open-door” policy to all members of the ISST

The President of the ISST (like an ambassador to a country) should possess a high level of competency in writing, communication, and general interpersonal skills.

Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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